Data protection at Florio

Personal health data contain sensitive information. The protection of these information and data is our priority. Our products have been designed in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and we have implemented comprehensive measures to protect data based on state-of-the-art technology, including data storage in the EU, encryption of data, strictly controlled access to data, external security testing, and more.

Please read below what measures we take for data protection. If you want to know more about data protection at Florio, please review the data privacy policies for our products or send us an e-mail:

Data Protection

Data protection according to GDPR 

We store data on servers in the EU and in accordance with the EU GDPR. With the aid of our external data protection officers, we take comprehensive measures for the security, storage and transfer of data.

Encryption methods and secure data base storage

Florio uses multiple encryption methods to enable data security during data storage and data transfer. This includes encryption of stored data and secure data transmission using end-to-end encryption technology.

Continuous review of security measures

Our systems are regularly tested by external security experts, who probe the systems for vulnerabilities to malicious attacks or accidental data loss.

Medical research based on aggregated and anonymised data

Data may be used in aggregated and anonymised form only, to advance medical research and improve patient outcome. Anonymisation means that the data cannot be allocated to a person’s identity. The access to these aggregated and anonymised data would be granted for medical research purposes only and is governed by an independent external Data Governance Board, consisting of internationally renowned medical experts and patient association representatives. All healthcare stakeholders, including  the parent company Sobi are subject to the Data Governance Board procedures for obtaining access to aggregated and anonymised data.

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