Who we are

We are a digital health company dedicated to people with rare diseases. With about 25 experts from medicine, software design and engineering, regulatory affairs, quality management and data protection, Florio has a fully integrated team developing and operating software medical devices in accordance with quality requirements and EU data protection regulations.

The company was founded in 2019 in Munich, Germany and is an independently operated subsidiary of Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB, a Swedish biopharmaceutical company.

Florio Team Competencies
florio HAEMO

What we do

We develop, manufacture and operate digital health products for people with rare diseases. Our products aim to empower patients to take control of their lives. Florio’s products enable patients to record, visualise and monitor treatment data and to share this information with their healthcare teams.

We co-create our products in cooperation with patients and healthcare professionals. Our user-centric design approach combines profound medical expertise and state-of-the-art user experience, resulting in intuitive and convenient digital health products.

Leadership team

Julia Dohmen

Head of User Experience

Caroline Epping

Head of Program Management

Gerald Paul

Head of Quality Management & Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Michael Schwarzfischer

Head of Technology


florio ® HAEMO

florio HAEMO is a CE-marked software medical device for monitoring haemophilia therapy. Patients on prophylactic treatment can use the florio HEAMO App to track their injections, bleeds, pain, estimated plasma factor level and physical activity. It aims to empower patients to make informed individual choices for planning their daily life. The florio HAEMO Dashboard provides healthcare teams with real-time access to patients’ data, providing them with additional insights on the treatment progress. This can support meaningful discussions between patients and healthcare professionals.

florio HAEMO is available in 24 languages and 26 countries throughout Europe and the Middle East region.

florio HAEMO
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florio HAEMO Kids

florio ® HAEMO Kids

florio HAEMO Kids is an app for children with haemophilia to educate and engage them in their haemophilia treatment. It connects to florio HAEMO and visualises data entered by the caregiver in a child-friendly way. Specifically designed for children, it provides visualised treatment documentation, helping them to understand their condition.

florio ® ITP

florio ITP App supports people living  with immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) in managing and monitoring their disease. The CE-marked App can be used to monitor treatment progress by logging platelet counts, events like bruising, medical appointments, treatments, and more, all in one location. florio ITP offers personalised insights and trends, which may help to better identify specific needs and may assist individual care planning. Data collected with florio ITP can be summarised into a health report, which can be shared with the treating healthcare professional.  The reminder function for medications, dietary restrictions and upcoming appointments may help people living with ITP to stay in control of their disease. 
florio ITP will be rolled out in European countries progressively starting in March 2022. 

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my florio™ ITP

my florio ITP is a digital diary developed for patients with immune thrombocytopenia (ITP). It helps patients manage their condition. The app can be used to track platelet counts, events like bruising, appointments, treatments, and more, all in one location. my florio ITP offers personalised trends – providing insights to patients, every day. my florio ITP is available in the US. 

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